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The Meals

We craft all our meals with ideal portions for an adult. For a family pack, you can include sides and extra proteins in your meal plan.

We have a flexible menu with multiple diet options to choose from. However, for now, it’s not possible to substitute specific ingredients in a recipe. You can tell us your preference and we will provide you with the options that contain your preferred ingredients.

Yes, you can choose from different diet menus to create the perfect meal plan for you.

Each meal has different recommended instructions to heat up. Always check the instructions online or on the printed labels.

About Citizens Table Meal Plan

Our website lets you create your meal plan account very conveniently. Simply, click “Sign Up” and choose the items that you want to add in your weekly meal plan. After that, you just need to fill in your basic billing and shipping information so that we can deliver your meal at the right time in the right place.

Yes, you can view the menu even without signing up by checking our Menu link on the website. However, our menu keeps rotating every week. So, to view the current menu, you need to sign up and tell us your diet preferences.

Managing my Account

Reactivating your account is very easy. Simply, sign in to your account and follow the reactivation process mentioned in it.

Yes, just sign up and choose a subscription plan.

Yes, you can use filters on the menu to choose which ingredients you like and which to avoid.

Up until you update the menu as per your preferences for the first time, you will view a default menu that contains our general menu and recommendations to you. Once you update it, you will view the meal options that suit your choices for the upcoming week since we showcase a rotating menu every week.

Delivery and Shipping

We will send you your order tracking and arrival details via SMS or email to your contact number or email ID that you provide us on sign-up.

We send you the meals in cooler bags and biodegradable ice packs. These ice packs can be frozen stocked, reused, and/or disposed of in regular trash.

Food Safety

Yes, we cook our vegan meals separately from other meals, especially those containing meat to prevent any cross-contamination.

Payment and Rewards Program

You can pay via PayPal, a UPI such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or any major credit card such as Master Card, Visa, Amex, etc.

Meals Plans and Pricing

The pricing is based on best market pricing with the quality offered, different plans available for all needs however you may ask us to check if there is a special perk pricing for your company.

Packaging Information

We believe in making our service convenient for you. So, our meal packaging is completely eco-friendly that helps your food stay fresh for a long time. Our cooler bags are very intact and you can re-freeze and reuse the package.

Technical Support

You can reset your password by clicking the Reset Password link and then filling out the form to complete the process.