Have you been considering signing up for a meal delivery service? Prepared food delivery services offer many benefits, such as convenience, making you more confident in the kitchen and less expensive than takeout.

Yet, how do you decide which service is best for you? We’ve got several great tips on how to pick the best meal delivery service for your lifestyle:

  1. Determine what kind of food you’re most interested in.
  2. Decide what your budget is for meal delivery.
  3. See what kind of flexibility your potential meal services offer.
  4. Consider how much time you want to spend on meal prep and cooking.

Citizens Table offers fresh and healthy meals delivered straight to your door.

Determine What Kind Of Food You’re Most Interested In

The first thing you need to do when deciding on the best meal delivery service is to think about what kind of food you’re interested in. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I want to try a specialized diet like low-carb, keto or vegan?
  2. Am I looking to incorporate new foods into my diet that I haven’t tried before?
  3. What kind of food will everyone in my family be interested in eating?

Answering these questions will help you better understand which kind of meal delivery service will best suit your needs.

Decide What Your Budget Is For Meal Delivery

The next step is to decide how much you want to spend on meal delivery. The following questions can help you determine how much you can spend.

  1. How much do you usually spend monthly on food – including takeout and dining out?
  2. Will you spend less on takeout and dining out after starting a meal delivery service?

Getting meals from a delivery service is more expensive than just buying groceries, as you’re paying someone to plan out the meals, do the shopping, do a lot of the prep work, and then have everything delivered to your door. 

However, it’s generally less expensive than takeout or dining out, so you will save money if you cut back on those activities once you start a meal delivery service.

See What Kind Of Flexibility Your Potential Meal Services Offer

Another factor you must consider is how flexible a meal service company is. Here are some of the things you need to check:

  • Most meal delivery services ask you to select a set amount of meals per week when you sign up with them. Determine if you can easily change the number of meals you’ve signed up for.
  • Does the company allow you to “skip” a week or a few weeks (without charge) if you’re going on vacation or a business trip?
  • Is there any flexibility in the delivery schedule? You don’t want a meal delivered first thing in the morning if you are not home to put it in the fridge. 

It is important to select a meal delivery service that works with your needs and your schedule.

How much time are you willing to spend on meal preparation and cooking?

You don’t want to order meal kits and then dread cooking them because they seem overwhelming. So it’s important to consider how much time you’re willing to spend on meal preparation and cooking when deciding between meal delivery services.

In addition, you need to consider whether you have the basic implements you’ll need to measure and cook if you haven’t done much of it before, such as measuring cups and spoons, a frying pan, and spatulas.

At Citizen’s Table, we deliver fully prepared meals right to your doorway, making planning and preparing delicious delicious a breeze. When you order from a meal kit service, you still have to put up with the hassle of preparing ingredients and cooking your meal. 

Skip the stress and added time with our delicious meal delivery program. Once you receive your order, everything is ready to eat within moments. Just warm it up and enjoy with no added fuss. 

Why should I choose Citizens Table if I’m interested in a meal delivery service?

At Citizens Table, we offer 80-plus meals to select from to ensure everyone has a meal choice that works for them. It’s so easy to order meal delivery service from us:

  1. Select a plan that suits your needs: Whether you’re looking for vegan options, have food allergies, or want to try new things, we’ve got a plan that will work for you.
  2. Select your meals: With Citizens Table, you are not locked into one particular choice or type of food – you can mix and match each week to try new ingredients and foods.
  3. Pick some add-ons: We offer a variety of add-ons to enhance your meals, such as snacks, side dishes, and desserts.
  4. Make changes any time you need to: You can quickly and easily change your meal selections for the week; let us know if you’d like to skip meals for a bit (for example, you’ll be out of town) or change your delivery schedule.

Our meals contain locally-sourced produce and fresh ingredients to ensure you get healthy and tasty meals every time.

Choosing The Right Meal Delivery Service Makes All The Difference

We’ve explained the many factors you need to consider when selecting a meal delivery service, such as your budget, what kind of flexibility they offer, and how much prep work you’re willing to do.

With Citizens Table, you’re getting ready-made meals that suit your lifestyle. We offer soups and salads if you’re looking for a leisurely meal or wraps and sandwiches if you like to eat “on the go.” You get all the flavour and nutrition of home cooking without any hassles.

Contact Us To Learn More About Getting Meals Delivered Right To Your Doorstep. For more information about how to get started with meal delivery, call us at 604-330-0708 or contact us online. We’ll help you find the perfect setup that works for you and your busy lifestyle.

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