Meal delivery services have grown, evolved, and improved over the past decade. However, everyone wonders: are they worth it? Getting meals ready to eat in a few minutes sounds appealing, especially for those who do not enjoy cooking at home. 

That being said, the overall value is subjective and varies from person to person. There are some people who are willing to pay a premium for certain items. For others, there is nothing worth paying a premium for, and thriftiness always wins. For these reasons, it really depends on who is doing the ordering, and what your taste buds crave.

So, is the convenience worth it? It all depends on how you feel about sourcing recipes and going out to buy groceries. There is definitely no shortage of recipes online. 

However, for some, the pandemic has made grocery shopping more stressful for various reasons. There are obviously health concerns, but lingering supply chain issues can make for an added expense and uncertain availability. 

The Benefits of a Meal Delivery Service

When you subscribe to Citizens Table, Vancouver’s meals delivery service, you don’t have to worry about any of the above-mentioned concerns. Chefs prepare recipes that are creative and delicious, not to mention ready-made for you to heat up and enjoy in no time.

Let’s look at a few key advantages:

  • Chefs source often organic and local ingredients.
  • Food and packaging waste is minimized by portioning and packaging. 
  • Citizens Table provides a rotating menu of several meal options.
  • Superb and attentive customer service.

Organic and Local Ingredients

With the increased preference for eating at home over dining out, ready-made meals are becoming more popular, and with their health benefits, Vancouver meals delivery is a convenient option. Chef-prepared meal delivery may be worth the price if you frequently order takeout and prefer a healthy chef-made meal at home instead. With meal plans that rotate every week, your household can experience a more diversified meal experience.

With a Citizens Table meal plan, you can eat healthily at home with the money you would spend dining out. The food is delivered to your door, with ready-made, fresh ingredients to suit your unique preferences. With Citizens Table’s ideal portions, the chances of food going to waste are almost zero. These reasons can add up to big-time savings.

Food Packaging and Waste is Minimized

The time-saving benefits of ready-made meals are undeniable, but whether it is financially viable and saves you money depends on each individual or household. Your savings will depend on how much you intend to eat at home, and if you plan to cut down on grocery store trips and impulse take-out purchases.

Subscribing to a meal delivery service doesn’t mean you will never visit the grocery store, but it can definitely save you a few trips. Vancouver meal delivery is perfect if you are someone who is prone to impulse shopping for groceries and snacks, or if you have food in the fridge that ends up as waste.

A Rotating Menu of Many Meal Options

Citizens Table offers a rotating menu of more than 80 meal options, and you can also choose the plan that is right for you and your household. Customers can order as many meal portions as they like, and you will be sure to receive the freshest ingredients to enjoy fuss-free and tasty quality meals. For a family pack, there is also a choice to include multi-serve sides and extra protein or snacks. 

Prepared meal delivery can be a good option to try for a few days a week if you’re trying to save time and spend less money on impulse takeout dinners. Additionally, it takes little to no effort to heat up a chef-prepared meal when you get home from a busy day. Make sure to do your research, however, so you can determine what you stand to save. Try it for a few weeks; you can always cancel if it’s not right for you.

Excellent Customer Service

What’s the point in saving your time in meal prepping if we didn’t make the order process easy for you? Don’t worry! At Citizens Table, registering for an account, selecting meal plans, and making changes to your plans and preferences are easy and convenient to manage.

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