About Us

Chef-designed recipes

Our Promise of Taste

We believe food is meant to be exciting. So, We have creative chefs from your local region at Citizens Table to craft the perfect, delectable recipes inspired from different cuisines around the globe for you. Get diverse meal options with a rotating menu to always enjoy something different in every meal.

Citizens Table's meals use fresh ingredients

Our Promise of Quality

Our customers vouch for the quality we provide in our meals. Expect responsibly-selected, locally-produced, fresh ingredients! At Citizens Table, we will never compromise on the quality we serve to you.

Pizza being prepared by the chef

Our Promise of Convenience

What’s the point in saving your time in meal prepping but not making ordering easy for you! Don’t worry! Our website lets you very easily and conveniently sign up for an account, select your meal plans, manage your account and make changes in your plans and preferences.

Common Questions

We craft all our meals with ideal portions for an adult. For a family pack, you can include multi-serve sides and extra in your meal plan.

Each meal has different recommended instructions to heat up. Always check the instructions online or on the printed labels.

We believe in making our service convenient for you. So, our meal packaging is completely eco-friendly that helps your food stay fresh for a long time. Our cooler bags are very intact and you can re-freeze and reuse the package.


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